Hi guys, so I have been seeing this photo booth frames everywhere and I love them, they come in different sizes and shapes. My cousin’s bridal shower💃 was a perfect excuse for me to try my hands in making one👏 and it turned out great. Check out the simple steps I used in achieving the frame.

Materials Needed:

Cardstock, Glitter foam, paper(sugar paper, thick construction paper), ruler, pencil, scissors, glue- UHU and Top Bond glue, cutter. (Materials can be gotten in an art store)

  1.  On your cardstock measure 3 inches inwards on all sides, use a pencil and ruler to mark the points. Measure from left to right, and top to bottom. Join points to create a box . Using your cutter, cut the box out leaving the frame, be careful while cutting you don’t want to cut into the frame👍
  2. Measure your glitter foam and cut to fit the frame, I mixed Top bond glue with water in order to create a solution(less thickness). Using a  brush , glue your glitter foam to the frame.
  3. Print out a stencil to guide you, then using the paper, cut out whatever letters  and shapes you want. I got sugar paper and thick construction paper in the colors black and silver respectively.🤓 Ask at the art store to see the various types of paper they have and choose what you like(Just in case they don’t call theirs sugar paper🤣. The paper did not have sugar on it tho😜)
  4. To glue the letters and shapes on the glitter foam use UHU glue. I finished late at night with paper everywhere in my room.😭 Clean up was something else.
  5. Done, Picture time guys 📸  Slay away😍💋IMG_20170507_191025IMG_20170507_191030

Have fun!!! I sure did💃💋😂


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