Hi guys, welcome back to Me In Me blog. Today we doing a pretty easy but functional DIY using plastic bottles😮 😁 yes, plastic bottles.

Getting things arranged can be really hard and frustrating😤  when these things do not have specific compartment . So creating this case would help keep your brushes and pencils organized in a colorful way.

Materials Needed:

Plastic bottle, Scissors/ Cutter, Zip, Uhu glue

1. Get two empty plastic bottles preferably the same size.


2. Cut the bottle into two, keep in mind the size of brushes or pencils that would be in it.    IMG_20170401_164434

3. Measure the zip around the bottle if it is long, and cut to fit(don’t bother with this step if the zip is short).

4. Glue one end of the zip tape width inside the cut bottle.

5. Open the zip and tape the other end,ensure you leave a little space between the teeth of the zip and the plastic bottle so that the zip can move freely(not over the bottle but on the zip tape width).


6. Let it dry then Zip up the case and you are done.💃😎

Thanks for reading guys!!!!!👏 Till next post😘


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