Hi guys, happy sunday 😇, hope we all had a good one. Welcome once again to ME IN ME BLOG. Today, would be a mixture of gist, movie preview and the latest DIY project😁.

DIY 102 🤓

I was clearing out my room recently and I realized I still had my NYSC plain white shirt (You know those ones we rocked to CDS). I checked it out and it still looked good , maybe not to wear out but at least at home. But it was just there(Plain),  so I decided to jazz it up a bit by painting on it using homemade stencil. The following steps shows how I went about it easily.

Materials Needed

Printed Stencil paper, extra A4 paper, Nylon, Cutter, Iron, Fabric paint, T-shirt, makeup wedge, carton.


  1. Pick out a stencil image and print it out or you could also draw out one if that works for you, I used an anchor.(Use something simple at first, so that  you can cut out the image  easily)


2. Get nylon and cut it open, place it under the stencil paper, place another paper or cloth on top then iron quickly (medium heat).The result is the fusing of the paper and nylon together. You could cut out the extra nylon at the ends.

3. Take out a cutting board and a cutter (blade is fine too) to cut out the shape, remember to cut out the circle at the top and keep it aside. Try as much as possible to cut as well as you can because it would affect the painting.

4. Pick out the t-shirt( any plain t-shirt is fine). Place the stencil on the shirt and iron quickly ;medium heat (remember to place the small cut out circle). The stencil will stick to the shirt. Then place carton inside the shirt before painting because you don’t want the paint to reflect on the other side.

5. Pour out the fabric paint (acrylic paint can be used too) and use the sponge wedge to dab on the shirt with paint. You could either do single coating or double coating(after leaving the first coating to dry a bit for about 10 -15 minutes). After the coating , wait a while then peel the stencil off and leave the T-shirt to dry  for about 12 hours or more. Sprinkled glitters on the paint just to give extra jazzing .😝




Tip: Uneven edges is the result of not cutting the stencil very well, it can be corrected by using a thin paint brush around those edges. But the “I made it myself spirit” in me was just too happy to be bothered about correcting them.😜 #slayanyhow


Gist/Movie Preview 😎😜

So I have been watching this webisode on Youtube and I have been having the time of my life laughing like there is no tomorrow 😂. It is called Skinny Girl In Transit, it has been on for a while now since 2015. Funny enough my cousin told me about it but I told her no time jare,  I was going through Youtube recently and I came across an episode. Guys, I was hooked from then on, had to start from season one to get the full experience🤣 .  It is produced by GTbank through their Nadia TV Youtube channel. It depicts the lifestyle of a young lady , her mum is a typical example of what is called Nigerian African parent 1.0(As in the original version)😂. After watching The Wedding Party – The movie depicts the ups and downs of a Nigeria Wedding.(It is also must watch , if you have not seen it) . I though Mrs Tinuade Coker (Sola Shobowale ) was the only overzealous dramatic Nigeria mother  turns out that Mama Tiwa (Ngozi Nwosu) is cut from the same cloth. It is hilarious but still there is nothing like a Nigerian mother. Shout out to all Nigerian Mothers 😍😘♥

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7 thoughts on “DIY – NYSC T-SHIRT STENCIL

  1. Deborah Iroko says:

    Lovely and beautiful 😁. That means my old shirt won’t waste anymore. 😀😁I can testify those movies are interesting and funny.


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