How to make crochet bob braids

Hi guys,

Happy new month, happy Sunday 😇 and welcome to Me In Me Blog, I decided to join the ongoing crochet trend but with a twist- Bob crochet braids 😁 . After making it, I got complements from people on how beautiful my hair was. You can also imagine the looks on their faces when I told them “I made it myself 😮 ” . The following steps will show you how easy it is to make bob crochet braids.

Materials Needed

Braiding attachment, crochet hook, hair in cornrow, candle/lighter , scissors, braid jewelry, wire/rope/yarn, chair/bedside

  1. Attach wire to bedside or any where convenient. Tie it to be firm but also keep in mind that it would be loosen later to remove the crochet  braids.
  2. Pick a bit of attachment (size may vary on how big or small you want the braid to be) from the prepared picked braiding attachment.
  3. Smoothen out the attachment and put it over the wire, twist the attachment over each other and start braiding.
  4. After braiding as much as possible remove the braided hair from the wire; for a full hair I would advise you braid as much as 100 -144 single braids. The single braid has a loop through which the crochet hook can pass through.

5. After braiding, you can now start crocheting the hair on your cornrows (all back) . The braid pattern I used was – Cornrows to the middle of my hair, then zigzag pattern under.

6.Crochet the braids- Pass the open crochet hook under the cornrow , put the loop of the braided hair on the hook, close it and pass it back. Then pass the tip of the braid through the loop and secure. Do this step until you finish using all the braids.

7. Cut braids to your desired length and burn the tips or burn directly without cutting with a lighter or candle. Add braid jewelry .

Final Look


Slay to a wedding with bob crochet braids


This is the result of about 2 – 3 nights of determined  braiding, so it could take a while depending on  your schedule, how fast you can braid and the pace at which you go.Please leave your questions in the comment sections and if you find this post helpful in anyway; share, like and you could also send me a picture of your finished hair which will be featured on my Instagram page.

Thanks guys and have a blessed week ahead😘


2 thoughts on “How to make crochet bob braids

  1. Nkechi says:

    Nice one dear. Ur crochet is fantabulus. But u should have make a video when preparing d crochet and fixing it. So we can learn faster frm it.


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