DIY – How to revamp old shoes

Hi guys,

Today, we will be doing a DIY on how to revamp our old shoes using glitters 😮.

So one of my friends had her wedding coming up and she wanted me to be in her train as a bridesmaid…..Yes ….me😁😁. Her colors were sliver, yellow and peach. Yellow and sliver gowns for the bridesmaid to be paired with silver shoes. I was giddy till I realized, I had no functioning  silver shoe, the one I have had scuff marks, the glitters on them had fallen off and I had stopped wearing them. In spirit of preparation, I told my mum I needed new silver shoes and her answer was – bring your money 😣. I guess this also the story of what happens after NYSC; What ever it is you want to buy , you have to bring your money. No mummy or daddy involved 😭. As a broke person that I was at that time, the money to buy new silver shoes from my pocket was not available. I then decided to revamp my old ones with the following easy steps.

Materials usedwp_20170129_010

Bowl, spoon, paper tape, stick, small brush, Top bond glue, glitters, newspaper.

  1. Lay newspaper on the floor in order not to mess up the whole place, paper tape the sole of the shoe(so as not to get glitters on them).
  2. Mix small amount of glitter and glue together in a bowl using a stick.
  3. Paint with a brush in small sections, add glitters using a spoon on the freshly painted part and shake of excess.
  4. Continue step 3 till the whole shoe is done.
  5. Leave to dry for about 12 hours or more……………….Tada!!!💃  … You have got  new shoes 👠 😀


P.S: Thanks for reading guys, please leave your questions in the comment section and they will be answered.😘


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